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• Support dog leash made of high quality nylon for control and durability.
• Silk-screen Support Dog lettering for safety and identification.
• Design of waterproof neoprene handle, more comfortable to hold, easy to use, protecting your hand from friction burns
• Features a silver, rust-proof clip
• Suitable for all Breeds: 5 ft in length
• Woven of tough heavy-duty nylon, durable metal clip hook for control and durability.
• Suitable purpose: great accessories for ESA vest or ESA harness, you can get this for your emotional service animal, meeting your different needs


Product Description:
This will protect you and your dog, helping to identify your animal. The length, durability, and the soft material used to make this leash help using it for running, walking, training, etc. Tough heavy-duty nylon and silver rustproof clip which allows you to attach or detach your collar vest or harness to the leash.

Support Dog Leash

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