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Features -

  • Service Dog Tag designed exclusively for all dog breeds. Durable Light Weight Stainless Steel with Metal Clamp. These Tags are Built to Last
  • Beautiful Lettering and Graphics. We refuse to use cheap printing techniques due to scratching and fading.
  • This Service Dog ID Tag will allow your service or working dog to enter restaurants, buildings, hospitals, shopping centre, hotels, cruise ship, grocery stores and even airplanes as per ADA laws. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We're confident you'll be satisfied for your dog to wear these tags.


Description -

Service Dog Tag designed excusively for all dog breeds. This is an easily identifiable double sided dog tag. The lettering and graphics are recessed and filled with soft enamel which minimizes losing the wording on the tag. The technique used gives the tag a very high end look comparable to jewelery but at the same time, it's extremely durable and works with any breed. Travel in confidence and minimize the questioning with this bright Service Dog ID tag.

Service Dog Collar Tag

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